Friday, August 4, 2017

Chattanooga Radio: WGOW's J-R Reynolds Facing Child Abuse Charges

J R Reynolds
Chattanooga Police arrested and charged WGOW 102.3 FM morning radio host Jim "J.R." Reynolds with aggravated assault and aggravated child abuse on Wednesday.

According to NewsChannel9,  a police officer was dispatched talk show host's home on a possible domestic violence call. When that officer arrived at the home, he says in the affidavit he saw Reynolds' wife and two children standing on the edge of the road.

Reynolds' wife told the officer she saw her husband grab his daughter and push her against a couch, according to the affidavit. It goes on to say the daughter told the officer her father had grabbed her around the neck and pinched her nose closed, and then pushed her back into the couch.

The officer writes in the affidavit that he saw red marks around the daughter's neck and on her back.

The officer says Reynolds denied grabbing or choking his daughter, but he did say once he escorted her to her room, where he pushed her onto her bed.

Reynold released the following statement:
"Obviously it's unfortunate and I've embarrassed myself, my family, and the places I work and are affiliated with. I don't believe I was out of control and was disciplining a 12-year-old, my 12-year-old daughter whom I love dearly. The police officer asked me if I put my hands on her, I said I did, and he said when that happens, it's definition of domestic violence."
Reynolds told the arresting officers "You have no idea what you've done. You've ruined my life and my reputation."

Cumulus' WGOW declined to comment .

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