Monday, July 31, 2017

Poll: Trump vs Media: No Advantage

Fifty-three percent of the American people disapprove of the way President Trump treats the news media, according to a new survey.

But 51 percent of the same group disapproves of the way the news media treats the president.

Those seemingly contradictory findings come from a new survey from The Economist/YouGov, published this week.

Forbes is reporting approval of the media or Trump predictably skews along partisan political lines – Democrats are more approving of the press, while Republicans are more approving of Trump.

It’s worth noting the intensity of feeling: 66 percent of Democrats “strongly disapprove” of Trump’s treatment of the media, while 38 percent of Republicans “strongly approve” of the president’s behavior.

Independents aren’t happy with either, with their disapproval rates generally tracking those of the overall public.

Veteran pollster Kathy Frankovic notes that Trump’s incessant, negative drumbeat about “fake news” and his railing at the media has taken a toll on the credibility of some of the country’s major media players.

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