Thursday, March 23, 2017

Detroit Radio: Monica Conyers OUT At Talk WFDF

Monica Conyers
Radio Talk Host Monica Conyers said Wednesday she wasn’t fired from Talk WFDF 910 AM, countering that she wanted to give up the unpaid gig.

The radio station doesn’t pay its hosts and expects them to draw advertising. But when Conyers decided she wanted to leave, it sparked a “falling out” with station leadership, said Daniel Findling, a Royal Oak-based attorney who represented Conyers in a prior divorce case.

The explanation came a few hours after 910 AM Superstation owner Kevin Adell released a memo claiming he had fired Conyers.

“Effective immediately, Monica Conyers will no longer represent The Word Network in any capacity. Here services as a vendor have been terminated for violation of CORPORATE POLICY,” Adell, who also owns WADL-TV, told employees in a Wednesday memo.

Adell didn’t specify what the violation was, and radio station spokesman Mort Meisner declined comment, adding that “The memo have to speak for itself.”

Conyers had a Sunday 1-2 p.m. show that started in September.

Conyers was elected to the Detroit City Council in 2005 and pleaded guilty to city hall corruption charges in 2010, which ended with a 37-month federal prison sentence for accepting financial bribes for a favorable vote on a $1 billion sludge-hauling deal. She was released from probation eight months early in August 2014.

The radio station owner has had trouble with other radio hosts. In October, former Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee quit 15 minutes into his midday show on 910AM superstation. Adell told The Detroit News Godbee left because he rejected Godbee’s request for a show on The Word Network, a religious broadcasting station he owns.

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