Thursday, March 23, 2017

Chicago Radio: ESPN 1000 AM To Swap Show Time Slots

Effective Monday, April 3, WMVP ESPN 1000 AM’s Kap & Co. and Carmen & Jurko, will swap time slots, with Kap & Co. moving to 9 a.m. – noon CT and Carmen & Jurko to noon – 2 p.m.

In the recently released Nielsen PPM ratings for February 2017, both programs led their current time slot among sports talk shows, as they did in January for adults 24-54.

Kap & Co. is hosted by David Kaplan, and Carmen & Jurko is hosted by Carmen DeFalco and John Jurkovic. Both are the number one rated sports talk radio program in their time slot. The city’s top-rated talk show, Waddle & Silvy is hosted by Tom Waddle and Marc Silverman from 2 – 6 p.m.

WMVP 1000 AM (50 Kw, DA2)
Jim Pastor, Vice President and General Manager of ESPN1000 Chicago, stated, “When Kap & Co. debuted in September 2015, almost immediately it became the top sports talk show in its time slot. Now Kap’s fans will be rewarded with an extra hour each day right after Mike & Mike. Carmen & Jurko will take over at noon and will set the table for sports fans for the day ahead before handing off to Waddle & Silvy. It’s been this lineup, along with Mike & Mike, that has solidified ESPN 1000 as the top-rated sports talk station in the city.”

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