Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tucson Radio: Veteran Personality Bobby Rich OUT At KMXZ

Longtime Tucson radio personality Bobby Rich was fired from his afternoon talk show at KMXZ 94.9 MixFM on Wednesday just weeks after moving from the morning drive-time slot to afternoons.

MIXfm officials would not comment except to confirm that Rich was no longer with the station, where he had spent 24 years hosting the morning show.

Just after 2 p.m. Wednesday — an hour before his "Bobby Rich Celebrates Tucson" show was set to begin — Rich posted on Facebook that he and the station, owned by Scripps, were parting ways.

Rich said MIXfm officials suspended him on Monday and fired him Wednesday. He was last on the air Friday, according to

"I didn't see this coming," he said.

Rich said he will continue an internet radio project he has been doing as a hobby for the past several years.

"It will keep me kind of in the air if not on the air for a while," he said, adding that he doesn't really make money off the venture. "I just want to have fun."


  1. Was on vacation and when I got back, there was no Bobby Rich and no mention either. I loved turning on the radio while getting ready and going to work. It made my day. There is no joy in listening to 94.9 now so I don't and won't. Mixfm has been like home to me. It "got me". It doesn't exist now. There is not more banter, the show seems hollow, flat, and it's obvious the hosts are struggling. The songs seem to be picked by flipping a coin. I moved to AZ before Mixfm was on the air and there was nothing out there. I find it extremely small and petty and so I find the person that did it small and petty. Get on the air again Bobby. We miss you!

  2. I've been in Tucson a long time and Booby Rich has always been a part of my time here. 94.9 is no longer a fixture in my life.

  3. I just can't stand Greg and Message. Grant anymore. They can't handle filling the air so they CONSTANTLY need people to call in with their stories or we have to listen recordings of Greg's kid. Don't get me started on Mrs. Grants Not So Naughty gimmick. I REALLY miss Bobby Rich. So much that the only time I listen to 94.9 is at Christmas. I'd rather listen to Chris and Cindy on 92.9 than to endure Greg and Mrs. Grant struggle to make a morning show suck.