Monday, January 30, 2017

NYC Radio: WFAN's Boomer&Carton Rated Best Morning Show

Jason Barrett's website has released its list of the Top 20 best sports morning shows.

The list is based on votes of a panel consisting of 53 radio industry members.   Barrett points out each have their different insights and preferences, and may or may not favor members of their own company or programs they’re most familiar with. He keeps things fair and balanced by involving executives from multiple companies and different cities across the United States, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Barrett himself does not participate in the voting.

In order to measure the collective view of the sports radio industry, a point system is in place. Each 1st place vote is worth 20 points, and a point is deducted for each lower position, with a 20th place vote being the lowest at 1 point. Each voter uses their own judgment in determining where to rank each show but operates by considering the following criteria:
  • Strong local ratings success in 2016
  • An established track record in the format
  • Quality content delivered on a consistent basis
  • Finished 2016 employed at the station
  • Spent more than six months with the radio station
The goal of this project is to highlight those in our format who perform at a high level, and each of these shows are deserving of the industry’s appreciation.

This year's #1 morning show is:

Click Here for the rest of the Barrett Sports Media Top 20 Major Market Sports Radio Morning Shows of 2016!

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