Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Super Bowl's Digital Ad Strategy Is Back on Track

Unlike last year's Super Bowl on CBS, Fox is selling its digital ad inventory for the Super Bowl separately from broadcast (linear) ad inventory. Last year, to advertise in the digital stream, advertisers were required to purchase spots for the traditional broadcast program.

According to AdAge, the reversal should be a welcome change to advertisers for several reasons, beginning with the fact that this makes the Super Bowl accessible to many more advertisers that want to reach the rapidly growing number of fans who have cut their cable cords. It also means marketers can show digital viewers more relevant ads, and with new engagement tactics.

Ad spots in the digital stream can be purchased on a national or local basis. Digital ads are significantly less expensive, priced at roughly $700,000 for a 30-second national spot. The same 30-second national spot in the broadcast stream will cost you in the ballpark of $5 million. While $700,000 is still double the cost of a national 30-second spot on a hit show in prime time, companies unwilling or unable to pay the premiums for traditional Super Bowl spots may be willing to test it out in this price range.

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