Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sac Radio: Entercom Moving The End To 106.5 FM

Entercom, which announced Thursday its intention to merge with CBS Radio, said Friday that its KDND 107.9 FM The End Sacramento station format will move to what is now KUDL Star 106.5 FM on Monday morning, according to The Bee.

On Monday morning, the transfer will create The End 106.5 and replace the current Star 106.5 format, Entercom said.

The company said in a statement: “After careful consideration, Entercom determined it is in the company’s best interests to voluntarily turn in the KDND license to facilitate the timely FCC approvals for the planned combination with CBS Radio announced on Thursday.”

107.9 The End was embroiled in controversy after Jennifer Lea Strange, 28, died from water intoxication during a 2007 contest called “Hold Your Wee for a Wii.” Strange’s family won a $16.6 million award during a jury trial and media watchdogs petitioned the FCC deny the station a license renewal.

The FCC last year acknowledged that there were “serious questions as to whether Entercom operated Station KDND in the public interest” during its previous license term. The FCC referred the license renewal to an administrative law judge for review.

Lawyers for the radio broadcaster said Friday that Entercom on Feb. 8 will permanently discontinue KDND 107.9 and submit its license to the FCC for cancellation, according to a letter obtained by media watchdog Sue Wilson, a petitioner who asked the FCC to block the station’s license.

Wilson issued the following in a statement:  "This is a huge victory for the Public Interest, and I am grateful that due to the loss of this key station, FCC compliance issues will be on the minds of this and every broadcaster moving forward. But to conclude that Entercom is the good guy here ignores the fact that rather than surrendering their license upon the FCC Hearing Designation Order, they have instead litigated this issue with a huge team of expensive attorneys. Only now that the FCC must approve the company's pending merger with CBS Radio is this mega corporation doing the "right thing."

Entercom had no comment Friday on whether the FCC battle they played a role in giving KDND’s license back to the FCC. Wilson called the termination of the station “a huge victory for the public interest” in a statement.

KUDL 106.5 FM (50 Kw) Red=Local Coverage Area
The combined Entercom/CBS company, which will keep the Entercom name pending regulatory approvals of the proposed merger, will own more than 240 radio stations in 23 of the nation’s top 25 markets.

Entercom has said that it expects to sell about 15 radio stations in order to meet federal government ownership limits in some markets, including Sacramento.

In Sacramento, Entercom currently operates KDND-FM (107.9 The End), KRXQ-FM (98 Rock), KSEG-FM (Eagle 96.9), KKDO-FM (Radio 94.7), KUDL-FM (Star 106.5) and KIFM-AM (ESPN 1320),

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