Thursday, February 2, 2017

Atlanta Radio: WYAY Adds Brian James For PM Drive

Brian Joyce
Cumulus Media announces that it has named Brian Joyce as Afternoon Host on NewsRadio WYAY 106.7 FM in Atlanta, GA. Joyce’s show will air weekdays from 3PM-6PM, and will debut on Monday, February 13, 2017.

Joyce’s addition follows the continued explosion of popularity for WYAY-FM’s entertaining and informative on-air team of Shannon Burke, The Kimmer, Rob Stadler and Cheryl White. Joyce will continue to host his current midday show from 1PM-3PM on Cumulus Media-Chattanooga, TN’s Talk Radio WGOW 102.3 FM (to originate in Atlanta) and will then follow the Kimmer on NewsRadio 106.7 for Atlanta’s afternoon commute.

Before heading south, Joyce grew up in Boston and was on-air talent for several New England stations including WRKO. In Chattanooga, his show regularly outperforms nationally syndicated news/talk personality Rush Limbaugh. Joyce is a regular contributor on Fox News and a featured blogger on Huffington Post. He has been named to Talkers Magazine’s “Heavy Hundred” list and was named one of talk radio’s Top 5 “Rising Stars” at Talk Show Boot Camp.

Sean Shannon, Vice President/Market Manager for Cumulus Media-Atlanta said: “We live in a world where dialogue on matters of substance has become increasingly difficult, with politically-slanted news/talk outlets and social media platforms that feed consumers with stories that confirm their existing political belief systems. NewsRadio 106.7 breaks that confounding and polarizing mold. We are committed to delivering a forum ruled not by any agenda or by an algorithm, but by the unique value we can create for our listeners. We present multiple sides of the story when we’re delivering the news, ensuring we both inform existing opinions and provoke opposing opinions on every side of the story. In the process, we create a rare media experience facilitating respectful and spirited discourse where there is as much value in listening as there is in talking.”

WYAY 106.7 FM (77 Kw) Red=Local Coverage
Greg Tantum, Program Director for News Radio 106.7, said: “From Shannon Burke to The Kimmer to now Brian Joyce, NewsRadio 106.7 provides Atlantans with a diversity of viewpoints. Brian’s background as a truck driver, teacher, bouncer, bartender, comedian and Senior Derivatives Analyst for a Fortune 20 company is a natural follow to the eclectic talents and backgrounds of our diverse news/talk team. No syndicated, one-note political mumbo jumbo here – NewsRadio 106.7 stands as a different kind of place and a stimulating and thought-provoking break from the echo chambers that populate news/talk today.”

Joyce said: “I’m looking forward to joining Shannon, Kimmer and the rest of the team at NewsRadio 106.7! These guys have built a unique and entertaining lineup for the listeners of Atlanta, and it’s my hope that my show will continue to build on the great programming and strong ratings they’re known for. We have tens of thousands of loyal listeners who come to 106.7 for the fun, lively, and entertaining conversation that Shannon and Kimmer are known for. I’m confident the good people of Atlanta will feel the same way about me when they hear my show! Atlanta is a great city with great people and a huge, diverse audience. It’s an incredible opportunity for me, and I can’t wait to get started.”

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