Monday, January 30, 2017

R.I.P.: Longtime WHBB Selma Morning Host Larry Morris

Larry Morris
For decades, the voice of legendary radio broadcaster Larry Morris greeted the people of Selma on morning radio. Morris, who moved to Tuscaloosa after retiring in 2004, passed away on Thursday at age 75, according to the Selma Times-Journal.

Morris worked for WHBB 1490 AM in Selma and was best known for his role with “The Great Awakening with Morris in the Morning,” morning show.  He also hosted a call-in show called “Viewpoint,” where listeners phoned in about their opinions on current events.

“Larry was a very people oriented person, and at times we called him the Mouth of the South because he had a golden voice,” said former Selma Times-Journal reporter Jamie Wallace, who delivered the news on WHBB. “He was empathetic for people. He was quick to volunteer to take on roles in the community and to do everything he could in a positive manner to build a community.”

Morris was born in West Helena, Arkansas, but he was a perfect fit in Selma. Friends say listeners loved his relatable personality and the fact that he knew what they wanted to hear. Gary Fuller, the current mayor of Opelika, said Morris used to read the weather frequently each hour because he knew his audience wanted the information.

Morris’ shows aired each morning, but his role in the radio station was much greater than just that three to four-hour window. Mike Reynolds, the president of Broadsouth Communications, said any time someone at the company had an idea, Larry was the first person they’d want to run it by.

“He did everything in the building,” Reynolds said. “He did football, basketball, play-by-play, he MC’d events. He did and could do anything in the building.”

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