Monday, July 15, 2013

GZ Attorney Blasts News Media As 'Mad Scientists'

Mark O'Mara
George Zimmerman defense attorney Mark O’Mara claims that a gullible news media along with the prosecution tried to railroad his client on second-degree murder charges.

As the whole world knows, George Zimmerman, who is Hispanic, was found not guilty on all charges last night by a six-member, all-female jury in Seminole County, Florida in the death of Trayvon Martin.

According to, at the very end of the press conference, O’Mara asserted that George Zimmerman had two foes for the past 16 months during which he may have been the most hated man in America:
“Two systems went against George Zimmerman that he can’t understand. You guys, the media… he was like a patient [on] an operating table where a mad scientist was committing experiments on him and he had no anesthesia. He didn’t know why he was turned into this monster but quite honestly you guys had a lot to do with it… you took a story that was fed to you and you ran with it and you ran right over him. And that was horrid to him. Then he comes into a system that he trusts — let’s not forget, six voluntary statements, voluntary surrender, and he believes in the system that he really wanted to be part of… and then he gets prosecutors that charged him with a crime that they could never, ever prove… those two systems failed him.”

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