Thursday, March 14, 2013

Philly Radio: What’s Going On At WWIQ?

Where's Al?

UPDATE 03/18/2913:  An internal memo last Tuesday told iq staffers that Gardner had “decided to move on and weigh his options – perhaps hanging up his headphones altogether or at least finding a role that doesn’t require going to bed at 6 PM and getting up at 2 AM,.” What next? The memo says “we’re weighing our options for possible replacements for Al in the morning show,” and in the meantime, Michelle Murillo is co-hosting with Lionel, who has an expanded role in mornings for the moment while the station sorts out its future plans.

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Someone please ask Merlin's Randy Michaels: Where’s Al Gardner?

Morning show co-host Al Gardner is missing from the WWIQ 106.9 FM station website line-up.  Co-host Lionel is still there at the talk station, but a new addition seems to be Michelle Murillo from the news department.  No mention of Al Gardner, who came on board last April to launch IQ, with then co-host Larry Mendte.

Also, the 65-year-old Gardner has not been heard in days.

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Michelle Murillo
In late 2011, Gardner left a cushy spot as morning host at WBT Charlotte to help Michaels’ launch IQ as VP of Programming and to do mornings.  "This is a pinch-me job," Gardner said at the time. "It couldn't be better." Gardner is a native of near-by Levittown.

Murillo was recruited Fall '11 by Merlin Media from Clear Channel's N/T WFLF in Orlando to join the company's start-up WRXP News format in NYC. When Merlin sold WRXP to CBS for $75 million last fall, Murrllo started voice tracking news for IQ.  Of course, she is now live in Philly and it looks like she's just been promoted.


  1. I'm totally amazed at this. He and Lionel were the best co-hosts I've heard in 50 years of local radio. Since he's off the lineup of the station website...we'll have to wait for the rest of the story. I sure hope he returns to Philadelphia radio.

  2. Lionel is just awful. He has a 'shock jock' attitude of putting down those who disagree with him, and has a voice like nails on a chalkboard.

    When IQ's 'Philly's Morning News' started with Al Gardner & Larry Mendte, it was great. Gardner & Mendte were interesting, had good chemistry and it was great radio. Then Mendte got his own local show from 8:30 to 10, and he was wonderful. They teamed Gardner with the abrasive and annoying Lionel, and the ratings TANKED.

    Now they drop Gardner, but keep the worst half of the duo !!! And both Lionel and Murillo are in NEW YORK !! Two NEW YORKERS doing 'Philly's Morning News'. YIKES. This morning show is downright unlistenable.

    Bring back Mendte !

    1. Murillo is live here in Philly, please check your facts

  3. Happy to clarify in the story...thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Live in Philly or live in New York ... It doesn't matter. The morning show is crap now. They need Mendte back STAT!

  5. I stopped listening for a bit because Lionel was so abrasive, he was acting like Howard Stern on steroids.But I came back, and noticed that with, all respect, LIONEL RULES!!!! he has toned it down a bit, ( Just enough) but if you can't learn from this man, you can't be taught. he says look something up on google I DO!!,
    ( sometimes opposing traffic starts blowing there horns,I think in support of my ability to drive and look up on google).
    I always find out new stuff, and how so many of our liberties are vaporizing, Lionel is the best addition to radio since the invention of the speaker.
    And Michelle? well talented smart AND beautiful, can't ask for much more. She is well informed and prepared with great questions for the people they interview. She has the unique ability to get answers to questions most are afraid to ask. I think she should stay, even after she marries Mitch Murman.
    I hope the line up stays, I am afraid that some egg headed half wit with no talent or ability to do anything but count stones doesn't try to change the line up. Thanks Guys, my hour ride to work is MUCH better with you guys in my dash board!- JK Coopersburg PA.

  6. I really can't stomach Lionel, and so have opted to not listen anymore. His voice, his arrogance irritates me. He's not engaging at all. Yeadon, Pa.

  7. Shoot. I liked Al Gardner. He is middle the road and that's what I like early as I'm walking my 3 miles on the Delaware. Lionel is just hard to listen to. Since I use TUNE IN for mobile purposes, the 6:00 am to 9:00 am time slot is now either Bob and Tom in INDY, or WXRT in Chicago. Once I'm settled down in the office, I have Glenn Beck in the background. Then, at 12:00 back to the IPOD on the treadmill for an hour with Rush. Rush till 3, Hannity, then Levine. Once Levine is done, I'm done too. Long day.
    IQ 106.9 has way too many commercials, but I'm happy to an FM station with Rush, Hannity, Levine, and Savage. Great station

  8. I have been searching all morning for what happened to Hilary Barsky and Lionel. They were a good team. I WILL NOT LISTEN TO IMUS. Guess I'll have to go to AM radio. And why don't you tell the audience what is happening in the lineup? Then I won't have to waste my time listening to low caliber people like IMUS. Bring back Lionel and Hilary!

  9. How right you are anonymous, where did Lionel and Hilary go? I really didn't care for them, but did listen once in a while. As for IMUS I don't think he knows what planet he is on at times. There is a conservative out on the west coast in LA that is looking for a show TONY KATZ, I don't know if WWIQ ever offered him the job but if they did he would probably turn it down since he would be up 3 to 6AM for the broadcast. One question what the hell is Lionels last name??

  10. Joe Thomas, DelcoJuly 25, 2013 at 4:54 PM

    Larry Mendte was the best thing they had going at IQ. When he left, everything fell apart. Lionel was awful. Gardner seemed like a nice guy, but never said anything worth while. I hope they bring Mendte back.

  11. Imus' show has nothing to offer. What a waste of airtime. I liked IQ 106.69 when they had Mendte and Gardner. I just stopped listening.

  12. Bring back loinel and hilary!!!!!!!!! Imus sucks