Saturday, June 9, 2018

By Age 30, Most Become Settled In Music Preferences

A survey conducted by British online music streaming service Deezer seems to indicate most people stop following the latest music by age 30. reports the reasons: Too much to choose from, and a busy work and family lifestyle at that age that leaves little time to spend discovering new tunes.

"With so much brilliant music out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed," says Deezer’s UK and Ireland music editor, Adam Read. "This often results in us getting stuck in ‘musical paralysis’ by the time we hit our thirties."

The survey notes it's not that people quit listening to new music by 30, they simply start spending less time keeping up with the latest tunes.

The need to know the newest songs takes a backseat to the growing influence of work, raising kids and other adult life stresses and demands.

According to the survey, the peak age for discovering new music is 24. About 75 percent of those surveyed at that age listen to 10 or more new tracks a week, and 64 percent seek out five new artists per month.

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