Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Americans Are Exhausted By News

Americans are becoming increasing exhausted by the avalanche of news -- even more so than during the 2016 presidential election, a survey showed Tuesday.

The Pew Research Center survey showed 68 percent of respondents feel "worn out" by the amount of news they are seeing, compared with only 30 percent who say they like the amount of information they get.

The percentage suffering from information overload is higher than the 59 percent in a similar survey during the 2016 election, according to AFP.

More Republicans than Democrats expressed feelings of news exhaustion, and levels were higher among those with an unfavorable view of the media.

According to Pew Research, feeling overwhelmed by the news is more common among those who follow the news less closely than among those who are avid consumers. While a majority of those who follow the news most of the time (62%) are feeling worn out by the news, a substantially higher portion (78%) of those who less frequently get news say they are fatigued by the amount of it that they see. (Most Americans – 65% – say they follow the news most of time, whereas 34% say they follow only when something important is happening.)

Those less favorable toward the news media are also the most “worn out.” Eight-in-ten of those who think national news organizations do “not too” or “not at all well” in informing the public are feeling this exhaustion. This is somewhat higher than among those who say the news media do “fairly well” (69%), and much higher than for those who think news organizations do “very well” – of whom 48% say they are worn out by the news and 51% say they like the amount they see. This relationship between attitudes toward the news media and fatigue holds even after accounting for Americans’ political party affiliation.

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