Tuesday, June 5, 2018

And The Chesapeake AP Broadcasters Association Award Winners Are..

The Chesapeake Associated Press Broadcasters Association is recognizing radio and television stations in Delaware, the District of Columbia and Maryland for outstanding journalism.

The winners for best news operation in 2017 are WUSA-TV in Washington; WBOC-TV in Salisbury, Maryland; WTOP-FM in Washington, and WDEL-FM/AM in Wilmington, Delaware. The best-in-show winners are Megan Cloherty of WTOP and Paul Gessler of WBFF-TV in Baltimore.

The winners were chosen from 248 entries from 21 stations.  The awards are being presented Saturday at a convention in Ocean City.

The Associated Press is a not-for-profit news cooperative representing 5,000 stations and 1,400 newspapers in the United States.

Below is a full list of winners of the 2017 Chesapeake Associated Press Broadcasters Association contest: 

Radio - Megan Cloherty, WTOP-FM, Washington, for her Outstanding Enterprise piece "Carlos Bell."

Television - Paul Gessler, WBFF-TV, Baltimore, for Video Journalist/One-man Band Reporting.


Spot News Reporting: 1, WBAL, Baltimore, "Eastern Shore Tornado;" Finalist, WUSA, Washington, "Pomp and Protests: Inauguration Day 2018."

Coverage of a Continuing Story: 1, WRC, Washington, "Congressional Baseball Shooting;" Finalist, WBFF, "Death of Detective Suiter."

News Series: 1, WBFF, "Faking the Grade;" Finalist, Joy Lambert and Clint Jiras, WBFF, "Season of Strength."

Photography: 1, Ruth Morton, WBFF; Finalist, Alanna Delfino, WBFF.

Editorial or Commentary: 1, Darren Haynes, WUSA; Finalist, Lesli Foster, WUSA, "Real Talk That Could Save a Life."

Public Affairs: 1, Stacey Woodward and Jason Newton, WBAL, "State of Addiction;" Finalist, WUSA, "IMPACT: Feeding Our Children."

Specialty Reporting: 1, WRC, "Consumer Composite;" Finalist, WUSA, "Verify."

Documentary/In-depth Reporting: 1, Jayne Miller, WBAL, "Baltimore Violence;" Finalist, WBFF, "Aftershock: Inside Baltimore's Violent Year."

Enterprise Reporting: 1, Joy Lepola-Stewart and Paul McGrew, WBFF, "Killing Trail Crime;" Finalist, WRC, "Tracking Troubled Teachers."

Sports Feature: 1, Jay Korff and Dwayne Myers, WJLA, Washington, "Soccer Sisters;" Finalist, Morgan Adsit and Benjamin Worsley, WBFF, "The Coaching Tree."

Feature or Human Interest Story: 1, Jay Korff and Kevin Drennen, WJLA, "A Means to Heal;" Finalist, Adam Longo and Chris Mullen, WUSA, "A Marine's Mysterious Death."

Best Meteorologist or Weathercaster: 1, Jonathan Myers, WBFF; Finalist, Doug Kammerer, WRC.

Video Journalist/One-man Band Reporter: 1, Paul Gessler, WBFF; Finalist, Evan Koslof, WUSA.

Multimedia/Online Journalism: 1, Natalie Liu and Adam Greenbaum, Voice of America, "Former Soviet Dissident: Foreign Policy Styled After Realpolitik 'Absolutely Wrong.'"

Best Reporter: 1, Eric Flack, WUSA; Finalist, Carolyn Presutti, Voice of America-TV.

Year-round Local Sports: 1, WBAL; Finalist, WBFF.

Website: 1, WRC; Finalist, WBAL.

Newscast: 1, WUSA; Finalist, Christopher Berinato, WBFF.

Digital News Project: 1, Immigration Unit, Voice of America-TV, "Immigration, 2017 Year in Review."

Digital Feature Project: 1, Erica Jones and Teneille Gibson, WRC, "Going to the Beach: Remembering Maryland's Black Beaches."

News Operation: 1, WUSA; Finalist, WRC.


Coverage of a Continuing Story: 1, WMDT, Salisbury, Maryland, "Prison Hostage Situation Highlights Safety Concerns."

Photography: 1, Michael Bosley-Phillips, WMDT; Finalist, Taylor Rogers, WBOC, Salisbury.

Public Affairs: 1, Nicole Webb, WBOC, "Hooked: Delmarva's Drug Crisis;" Finalist, Julian Sadur and Mike Lawrence, WMDT, "Breaking the Stigma."

Specialty Reporting: 1, Ryan Eldredge and Mike Lawrence, WMDT, "Political Insider."

Documentary/In-depth Reporting: 1, Erica Murphy and Mike Lawrence, WMDT, "Murky Water in Pocomoke;" Finalist, Julian Sadur and Mike Lawrence, WMDT, "Warning Signs."

Enterprise Reporting: 1, Erica Murphy and B.L. Strang-Moya, WMDT, "Bible Study Thief."

Sports Feature: 1, Dani Bozzini and Michael Bosley-Phillips, WMDT, "Changing the Game;" Finalist, Matt Pencek, WBOC, "Beating the Odds."

Feature or Human Interest Story: 1, Dani Bozzini and Michael Bosley-Phillips, WMDT, "Maple Elementary Drumline;" Finalist, Jacqueline Karli and Taylor Rogers, WBOC, "Freedom Rowers."

Best Meteorologist or Weathercaster: 1, Dan Satterfield, WBOC; Finalist, Daniel Johnson, WMDT.

Video Journalist/One-man Band Reporter: 1, Lissette Nunez, WMDT, "Police Go Pink;" Finalist, Justina Coronel, WMDT, "Hospice Knitting."

Best Reporter: 1, Julian Sadur, WMDT.

Year-round Local Sports: 1, WMDT; Finalist, Matt Pencek, WBOC.

Website: 1, Kye Parsons, WBOC; Finalist, WMDT.

Newscast: 1, Nicole Webb, WBOC; Finalist, WMDT.

News Operation: 1, John Dearing and Ron Krisulevicz, WBOC.


Spot News Reporting: 1, WBAL-AM, Baltimore, "The Shooting of Detective Sean Suiter;" Finalist, WMAL-AM/FM, Washington, "Congressional Baseball Practice Shooting."

Coverage of a Continuing Story: 1, WTOP, "Charlottesville Protests."

News Series: 1, Megan Cloherty, WTOP, "Robo Rage;" Finalist, J.J. Green, WTOP, "Anatomy of a Russian Attack."

Talk Show: 1, Mark Lewis, WTOP, "Ask the Governor;" Finalist, Tom Hall, WYPR-FM, Baltimore, "Freddie Gray, Two Years On: Baltimore Community Perspectives."

Editorial or Commentary: 1, John Lee, WYPR, "One Virginian's Take on Confederate Monuments;" Finalist, Chris Core, WTOP, "Core Values."

Public Affairs: 1, Amy Morris and Nathan Hager, Bloomberg 99.1, "Congressional Baseball Practice Shooting;" Finalist, Jamie Forzato, WTOP, "Hooked on Heroin: Deadlier Than Ever."

Documentary/In-depth Reporting: 1, Rachel Nania, WTOP, "Child Care Crisis."

Enterprise Reporting: 1, Megan Cloherty, WTOP, "Carlos Bell;" Finalist, Rachel Baye, WYPR, "Maryland Poor Get Little Help on Child Care."

Sports Feature: 1, Dick Uliano, WTOP, "Soap Box Derby;" Finalist, John Domen, WTOP, "Running for a Fallen Blue Angel."

Feature or Human Interest Story: 1, John Lee, WYPR, "Farms That go 'Boom' Annoying Neighbors in Baltimore County;" Finalist, Michelle Basch, WTOP, "Survivor."

Best Reporter: 1, Megan Cloherty, WTOP; Finalist, Michelle Basch, WTOP.

Year-round Local Sports: 1, WTOP.

Website: 1, WTOP.

Newscast: 1, WBAL-AM; Finalist, WTOP.

Digital Feature Project: 1, Jack Moore, WTOP, "Amy Carter."

News Operation: 1, WTOP.


Spot News Reporting: 1, WDEL-FM/AM, Wilmington, Delaware, "Trooper Shot;" Finalist, WFMD-AM, Frederick, Maryland, "Muslim March."

Coverage of a Continuing Story: 1, WDEL, "Deadly Prison Riot;" Finalist, WNAV-AM, Annapolis, Maryland, "The Opioid Epidemic."

News Series: 1, Amy Cherry, WDEL, "Reading, Writing and Recovery;" Finalist, Rob Petree, WXDE-FM, Milford, Delaware, "Homeless in Sussex."

Use of Sound: 1, Don Rush, WSCL/WSDL, Salisbury, Maryland, "July 4th in Ocean City."

Talk Show: 1, Rick Jensen, WDEL, "The Rick Jensen Show;" Finalist, Susan Monday, WXDE, "Should Narcan Always be Used to Save an Addict's Life?"

Editorial or Commentary: 1, George Merrill, WSCL/WSDL, "All a Twitter;" Finalist, George Merrill, WSCL/WSDL, "Levis, Fashion Statement."

Public Affairs: 1, Jane Schlegel, WNAV; Finalist, Donna Cole, WNAV, "1430 Connection."

Documentary/In-depth Reporting: 1, Don Rush, WSCL/WSDL, "Decoy Carving;" Finalist, Amy Cherry and Joe Irizarry, WDEL, "County Council President Scandal."

Enterprise Reporting: 1, Don Rush, WSCL/WSDL, "Immigrants and Donald Trump."

Sports Feature: 1, Don Rush, WSCL/WSDL, "Softball for the Ages;" Finalist, Rob Petree, WXDE, "From Wrestling Champ to Heroin Addict, a Father's Story of his Son's Struggle."

Feature or Human Interest Story: 1, Don Rush, WSCL/WSDL, "San Domingo;" Finalist, Amy Cherry, WDEL, "From Victim to Victor."

Multimedia/Online Journalism: 1, Rob Petree, WXDE, "Mothers Share Horror Stories of Life Inside Sussex County Motels;" Finalist, Donna Cole, WNAV, "Kent Island Tornado."

Best Reporter: 1, Jane Schlegel, WNAV; Finalist, Amy Cherry, WDEL.

Year-round Local Sports: 1, Pete McLeod and Ed Lulie, WFMD; Finalist, WDEL.

Website: 1, WDEL; Finalist, WFMD.

Newscast: 1, WDEL; Finalist, Emil Gallina, WNAV.

News Operation: 1, WDEL; Finalist, WNAV.

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