Thursday, May 3, 2018

Houston Radio: Adam Clanton Fired, Josh Innes Suspended At KBME

Adam Clanton, the longtime Houston sports talk radio host, says he is no longer with iHeartMedia station KBME 790 AM.

Adam Clanton
Clanton, who was co-host of KBME's afternoon drive time show with Jayson Braddock and Sean Jones, declined to elaborate on details of his departure from the station, according to The Houston Chronicle.

He also has done radio commentary on Rockets home games, but his status on future Rockets broadcasts remains undetermined.

While Clanton did not comment on his departure from KBME, it came hours after he was the subject of a 10-minute segment on KBME morning drive time host Josh Innes' show.

Innes spent several minutes discussing disagreements with Clanton, impersonating Clanton's on-air delivery and referring several times to Clanton's comments on his talk show about supporting the Rockets and other Houston teams while also working as a Rockets radio broadcaster.

Referring to critical comments he and Clanton both made in the past on Twitter about Houston athletes, one of which Clanton retweeted recently, Innes said, "I wasn't bought off by a team and randomly (became) the biggest fanboy ever." he said.

Innes at one point compared Clanton to Fonzie, the leather jacket-wearing character on the program "Happy Days." Clanton a few minutes later posted on Twitter a GIF of the Fonzie character.

Clanton, a graduate of Sam Houston State University, has been in Houston radio and television since 2004, first at KILT (610 AM) and as a sports reporter on KPRC (Channel 2) before moving to KGOW (1560 AM) and then to KBME.

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