Monday, April 30, 2018

Twitter Apologizes For 'Far Right' Label

When rap mogul Kanye West made headlines last week for praising conservative pundit Candace Owens, Twitter highlighted the moment in a story where they labeled Owens “far-right.”

Now Twitter CEO Jake Dorsey has responded, reports TheBlaze.

Twitter highlights newsworthy moments from its platform with “moments.” So when West’s tweet praising Owens went mega-viral last weekend, Twitter published a “moment” to explain what had happened and why there was new controversy surrounding West.

However, the platform used the phrase “far-right” to describe Owens, who is actually just a normal black conservative woman who supports President Donald Trump. There is nothing extreme about her.

The left often uses the phrase “far-right” to put all conservatives under a blanket, when, in actuality, just a small percentage of conservatives and Republicans are genuinely “far-right.”

In a statement, Dorsey offered Owens a full-fledged apology and said he has investigated why she was labeled something she is not.

She fully accepted it:

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