Thursday, July 13, 2017

TWH To Host Talk Radio Hosts

The White House is expanding the press corps to include those journalists who happily exist beyond the rarefied confines of the nation’s capital or New York City, according to The Washington Times.

Consider that President Trump is featured in an exclusive interview with Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, set to air on the “700 Club” on Thursday. It looks like the White House is just getting started, however.

The Salem Media Group — specializing in conservative and Christian content and home to such radio hosts as Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager and Mike Gallagher — will broadcast live all day from the White House next week. It is a herculean effort, but one which will “broaden media access and bring in more local and regional media, including talk radio,” say the organizers.

They'll be joined by Michael Medved, Larry Elder and Eric Metaxas plus 13 local hosts who will have their say from dawn to 9 p.m. under the theme “Made in America.” Guests during the broadcast will hail from the White House itself of course, and also include key decision makers from the Trump administration.

“Donald Trump ran an unconventional campaign that reflected a broad public discontent with the status quo, and despite intense opposition and overwhelming odds, he was successful,” says Edward Atsinger, CEO of the Salem Media which syndicates family-oriented, value-driven content under the motto “the message is our mission,” to an astonishing 2,700 affiliates nationwide.

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