Friday, July 14, 2017

Jean Kasem Files 'Human Trafficking' Grievance

Fallout from the fight between Casey Kasem’s widow and three of the radio personality’s adult children has reached the Washington State Bar Association, according to The News-Tribune.

Jeannie Kasem said Thursday she filed a grievance with the bar this week, alleging that Tacoma attorney Scott Winship was part of “racketeering” to “human traffic” her husband before his death in June 2014.

He represented Kerri Kasem, Casey Kasem’s daughter from another marriage, after Jeannie Kasem moved her husband from California to Silverdale in 2014.

Jean Kasem
The children from the previous marriage feuded with their father’s wife about his care and access to the “American Top 40” host as his health worsened, until he died at a Gig Harbor Hospital at age 82.

A court ultimately gave Kerri Kasem authority over her father’s health-care decisions, as he suffered from a condition called Lewy Body dementia.

Jeannie Kasem filed a wrongful death suit against the three children and others last month in U.S. District Court in Washington.

The suit and the bar grievance allege Casey Kasem died as part of a “homicidal guardianship scam.”

She alleges in the grievance that Winship “misled” a Kitsap County judge, who allowed Casey Kasem to be taken from Silverdale to St. Anthony Hospital in Gig Harbor for a medical evaluation, where he later died.

“Scott Winship was racketeering with Los Angeles attorneys to human traffic Casey Kasem for commercial gain through their depraved homicidal guardianship scam,” the grievance states.

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