Thursday, July 13, 2017

Analysis: Broadcast Radio In The Digital Age

How has broadcast radio fared in the digital age?

From Bridge Ratings’ 10,000-foot view of the audio landscape the changes have been significant. Dave Van Dyke has  just uploaded the 7th in the continuing analysis of traditional radio’s digital competition. The “New Media Gauntlet” has tracked digital media’s impact on radio since 2000.

With this update, podcasting has been added.

According to Van Dyke, “From the perspective of a sixteen-year hindsight view, the trends become clear.  Broadcast radio sees weekly (cume) use remain fairly stable but time spent with radio quite naturally has been chipped away but has been stabilizing in 2017.”

“This analysis of radio's run through the technology gauntlet over the past 16 years reveals the specific moments in time when new media had its greatest impact on radio listening.”

The study tracks media usage with a panel of 4020 audio consumers over the age of 12.

To view the study and its graphics, Click here

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