Friday, July 14, 2017

Orlando Radio: JVC Launches Hard Rocker Bud 94.1 FM

JVC Broadcasting has officially launched Bud 94.1 FM  The King of Rock.

Bud was officially born Thursday July 13th, 2017 at 5:15pm on translator W231CT which is being fed via co-owned Country WOTW 103.1 FM HD2.

W231CT 94.1 FM (250 watts)
The company issued a very tongue-in-cheek press release which stated, "Bud 94.1 has long been rumored to exist, even going so far as to stream its 'Rock Hard' music format on its website (ironically, for the past several weeks.  However, most radio industry professionals dismissed it as a hoax, practical joke, or terribly misguided head-first plunge into a shallow creek.

"The reason for this industry wide skepticism seems to be the obvious recklessness of a station that would describe itself as only interested in “Beer, Boobs, and Rock.”

"When asked about the station’s music and positioning decisions, JVC CEO John Caracciolo stated, 'I have full confidence in the guys I’ve met a few times who said they could do this.  It was obvious from the start as they had the finest collection of lawn chairs and yard flamingos I’ve ever seen.  However, I also told them that if this radio station cratered, I would totally deny any part in the choices, and I’d get my revenge one day.'"

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