Friday, June 30, 2017

Study: Smart Speakers Owners Listen Most For Music

The Smart Audio Report, a new study from NPR and Edison Research, reveals the habits and behaviors of smart speaker owners. It contains insights on audio consumption, usage behaviors, ties to smart home technology and more.

“Although smart speakers have not been around for very long, nearly one in five owners say that these devices are the way that they most often listen to audio,” said Edison VP of Strategy Tom Webster. “The frictionless way in which these devices enable audio consumption is already changing listening behaviors, and potentially increasing audio consumption overall.”

According to, the Smart Audio Report is based upon a national online survey of 1620 Americans ages 18+ — half of whom respondents indicated that they owned at least one smart speaker (160 Google Home, 709 Amazon Alexa-enabled, and 69 who owned both), while 820 respondents did not and were surveyed for comparative purposes. The device owner data was extrapolated to nationally representative figures based on The Infinite Dial 2017 from Edison Research and Triton Digital.

According to The Infinite Dial 2017, 7% of Americans 12+ own a “smart speaker,” the category of voice-controlled devices that includes the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Nearly three-quarters of smart speaker owners indicated that they are listening to more audio (news/talk, podcasts, audiobooks and music) at home after getting the smart speaker.

The average smart speaker owner listens to four hours and 15 minutes of music on a smart speaker, one hour and 15 minutes of news and one hour and 22 minutes of podcasts.

Smart speaker owners use the device to tune in to AM/FM radio, too: 38% listen to music stations and 32% listen to news/talk regularly. However, not all the news is good for radio. Unfortunately, 62% said they wanted a smart speaker in order to “hear better music than AM/FM radio.”

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