Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Allegations: Fox Radio Anchor Called Females ‘Sluts’ and ‘Whores’

On Monday, yet another lawsuit was filed against the network by two female employees who said they faced racist harassment and were fired over their pregnancies, and a third who said she faced regular sexual harassment from a male colleague, reports Claire Landsbaum at nymag.com.

The latter, which was filed by Fox News Radio shift editor Kathleen Lee, claimed that radio anchor Ron Flatter subjected her to “unrelenting sexual harassment” after he was hired in 2013.

In her suit, Lee claimed the following allegations:

The suit also alleges that Flatter’s behavior was catching on — because of his comments, “other male employees were emboldened to similarly demean and threaten female co-workers,” it reads. In one instance, another male colleague told Lee he hoped she “choked to death,” which prompted a female co-worker of Lee’s to email Fox News Radio VP Mitch Davis. “No one should have to deal with abuse like that,” the female co-worker wrote. “Please address this ASAP.”

According to the suit, Davis did nothing to address the situation, and when Lee brought the issue to him herself, he told her to “deal with it.” She went to an HR higher-up, but that person also “looked the other way and failed to act.”

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