Monday, May 22, 2017

Ailes Funeral: Son Lashes Out At Women Who 'Betrayed'

Zachary Ailes  - 2015
On Saturday, family and close friends of Roger Ailes gathered in Palm Beach, Fla. for a memorial service to remember the founder of Fox News, who died last week from a brain injury after falling at his home.

During the eulogy, Ailes’ 17-year-old son Zachary reportedly threatened to go after the various women who have accused his father of sexual harassment, reports

“I want all the people who betrayed my father to know that I’m coming after them and hell is coming with me,” Ailes said, according to New York magazine reporter and Ailes biographer Gabriel Sherman.

LifeZette, the conservative website founded by talk radio host Laura Ingraham, confirmed Sharman’s report. Ingraham was one of about 65 people who attended the service at St. Edward Roman Catholic Church. Others spotted in photos of the event included conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh and Fox News personalities Sean Hannity, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Bill Hemmer and Kennedy.

Sean Hannity, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Rush Limbaugh (Lifezette photo)
"My family used to ask why I would work in a place where everybody wants to kill me," Kennedy, who is probably best known from her days as a VJ on MTV, told the U.K. Daily Mail. "But Roger, who brought me to Fox, had such a big heart and the ability to connect with everybody."

Ailes had been accused of sexual harassment by more than two dozen woman, including former Fox News personalities Gretchen Carlson, Andrea Tantaros and Megyn Kelly. Carlson was the first to sue Ailes, and agreed to settle last September for $20 million.

Prior to his death, Ailes had denied every allegation made against him. Susan Estrich, Ailes' personal attorney, called Roginsky's claims "total hogwash."

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