Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tampa Radio: Beasley Launches Playa 106.9 FM

Beasley Media Group, Inc. has announced the newest radio station in Tampa Bay Florida. Playa 106.9 on Translator W295CF via WYUU 92.5 FM-HD2 will feature Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and more, by artists such as Marc Anthony, Juan Luis Guerra, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Luis Enrique – Y MUCHOS MAS!!!!.

“Tampa Bay is now dancing Salsa with the new Playa 106.9!” said Market Manager Kent Dunn. “This station is filled with Superstar Latin Artists! We are ready to super serve Tampa Bay with this format, which provides another choice in the market. Just tune into Playa 106.9 and start listening to 10,000 songs in a row!”

W295CF 106.9 FM (250-watts)
Program Director Nio Fernandez added, “The classic Salsa format is what we have offered on WYUU-HD2 for more than five years under the flag of ‘Maxima Exitos’ and we are extremely proud to launch the fresh rebranding named ‘Playa’ on 106.9 FM!"


  1. The station is awesome...long time waiting for pure salsa and merengue station

    Mike - St Pete

  2. It's great to have a Salsa station again, however, "La Playa" is on the same frequency as "I am Country" and the mixture of Olga Tanon and Kevin Chesney is awful. Can anything be done regarding this? I love "La Playa" but hate the mixture of salsa and country.

  3. Thank you Playa 106.9.... just recently found you and you have put a new soundtrack to my life...SALSA!!! Though when in the car I get a very weak signal that fades... I still keep you tuned... you even earned a set button in my cars radio. Thanks for your internet stream as well. Playa ... you make me dance