Thursday, January 26, 2017

Snickers Commercial To Air Live During Super Bowl

Super Bowl ads have become part of the experience of the day, with advertisers going all out to create something that viewers will like and remember.

But even that has become a bit routine, so a couple of companies are trying something new this year.

Adam Driver
Candy-maker Mars will be airing the first live Super Bowl commercial, which will be for Snickers and will be a continuation of its "You're not you when you're hungry" campaign that has shown celebrities turning into other people when they're hungry.

The live ad will star actor Adam Driver, who's best known for his Star Wars character Kylo Ren and for his role on Girls. Driver will be playing a hungry cowboy, but Mars isn't saying who he turns into.

Meanwhile, Kraft Heinz isn't airing an ad at all, but will instead give all of its thousands of salaried U.S. employees the day off on Monday, hoping that the move will generate more publicity than buying a 30-second spot.

The idea is to free workers from having to go into work the day after Super Bowl Sunday, while promoting the idea of making the day after the big game a national holiday. The idea's been floated before, only to be ignored by lawmakers, but Kraft Heinz will be promoting a petition that it hopes will get Congress' attention.

In last year's Super Bowl, the company aired an ad for Kraft condiments that showed dachshunds dressed as hot dogs.

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