Thursday, January 26, 2017

iHM Partners With ART19 For Podcast Metrics

iHeartMedia and podcast technology company ART19 Wednesday announced an innovative partnership to bring ART19 podcasts to iHeartRadio, the all-in-one digital music and live streaming radio service, via an Application Program Interface (API) and to provide podcast publishers with new insights beyond download numbers – including data around how many listeners heard a specific advertisement and when they heard it.

With the companies' new API connected distribution method, ART19 podcast publishers on iHeartRadio will receive more detailed listener information about when users start, stop, and skip during an episode, as well as listener demographics. These audience insights will allow podcasters to better monetize their content based on confirmed ad impressions, not just downloads, as well as enable advertisers to serve dynamic, targeted ads. The new advertising model combined with first-of-its-kind listener behavior data will attract new advertisers to podcasts, presenting a revenue growth opportunity for the entire industry.

“A big issue facing the podcast industry today is limited measurement," said Chris Peterson, Senior Vice President of Podcasting for iHeartRadio. "With iHeartRadio's extensive pool of listener data and ART19’s distribution technology, we will be the first platform to provide podcasters with detailed analytics. Together, we’re excited to implement a new robust ad-tech solution that is sure to drive the growth of the podcast industry.”

“60 million people are listening to podcasts in America now. It’s a huge market and a wildly effective advertising medium,” said Sean Carr, CEO of ART19. “By offering better data to the podcasting industry, monetization will catch up with audience scale, and that will be good for everyone. A rising tide lifts all boats.”

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