Friday, January 6, 2017

RMLC Withdraws Injunction Against GMR

Irving Azoff
In the fight between Irving Azoff’s GMR and the radio industry, two days ago, the RMLC withdrew its motion for a preliminary injunction against GMR. SAccording to RadioInk, the injunction was withdrawn due the temporary agreement that was announced between the two organizations in late December.

The 9-month interim license between the two organizations provides stations that choose to accept it the ability to perform GMR compositions during the term of the interim license.

Stations have until the end of this month to decide if they want the deal the RMLC has worked out for them. After that GMR can take legal action against stations playing GMR compositions without having this interim license.

The Preliminary Injunction – which was ordered by the court – would have forced GMR to offer all radio stations a blanket license to GMR’s library “at a reasonable rate that is proportional to the annual rates each station pays to ASCAP or BMI on a weighted share basis,” until the court case was resolved. The injunction also prevented GMR from taking any legal action against stations.

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