Monday, January 2, 2017

Former Flight Attendant: Redstone Made Weird Demands

Sumner Redstone
Betsy Dwyer Loomis thought she’d seen it all.

The former flight attendant had worked corporate jets for years and had flown around the world with demanding billionaires — but nothing, she said, could prepare her for Viacom boss Sumner Redstone, according to The NY Post.

The media mogul’s weird habits while in flight included asking a flight attendant to not only undo his seat belt when he had to go to the restroom — but also unzip his fly, said Loomis, who worked on Viacom’s Paramount Pictures corporate jet in 2002.

Betsy Dwyer Loomis
The now 93-year-old mogul would also “offer me money to clip his toenails,” Loomis recalled. “He told me how he wanted to have it done and it wasn’t your typical pedicure. He said: ‘You have to straddle me and sit on my legs facing my feet.’ ”

Redstone would offer Loomis and other attendants extra money if they removed their underwear while they clipped away, she said.  Loomis claims he offered her between $500 to $1,000 for the panty-less toenail-clipping — although some could negotiate on price.

To gently sidestep the request, Loomis would tell Redstone she “wasn’t supposed to touch passengers.”

But instead of mollifying the mogul, Redstone would go “insane,” said Loomis, 62, now retired and living in Connecticut.

One time Loomis refused toenail duty while the Paramount jet landed in Kansas to refuel.

Redstone promptly ordered Loomis off the jet, she said.

“You’ll have to find your own way home,” Redstone told her, Loomis said. She made her way back to the East Coast via a commercial flight.

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