Friday, January 6, 2017

Report: NBC Talent In A Frenzy Over Megyn Kelly

Guthrie Interviews Kelly
NBC talent is in a frenzy that Megyn Kelly is being groomed to eventually take over Savannah Guthrie’s role at the “Today” show” after NBC News boss Andy Lack stunned everyone this week by signing her.

Multiple sources told Page Six at The NY Post the talk at 30 Rock yesterday was that Kelly could take the top job at “Today.”

“There is a rumor on set that Megyn would eventually get the lead anchor role on ‘Today,’ pushing Savannah out,” an insider said.

Kelly had been in talks with rivals ABC and CNN, but opted for NBC after she was promised a daytime slot and a Sunday night show.

But “the 9 a.m. hour of ‘Today’ is likely not her goal. She is angling for something else,” an insider told us of the gossip around 30 Rock.

But a high-level NBC source countered that Guthrie, who is on maternity leave, just signed a five-year deal with “Today.” “We just signed Savannah to a massive deal that is longer than Megyn’s. A lead anchor role at ‘Today’ isn’t part of the conversation for Megyn. The goal was simply to get someone of Megyn’s talent and caliber through the door at NBC. We have not made a decision on her daytime slot. It is being discussed.”

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