Monday, January 2, 2017

CNN Cuts Don Lemon's Mic During Broadcast

The CNN host Don Lemon, who paired off with colleague Brooke Baldwin as part of the network’s New Year’s Eve coverage, started downing drinks on live TV more than three hours before midnight in New Orleans, reports

“This is way too early to start this,” Baldwin told Lemon in a video shared by their colleague Anderson Cooper.

Before long Lemon was shown doing tequila shots at The Spotted Cat Music Club on Frenchmen St.

"I hope you guys are counting how many times he's doing this," Baldwin said of Lemon's shot frequency.

"I'm up to 13," said co-host Kathy Griffin, who was broadcasting from New York alongside Cooper.
Soon, Griffin began to encourage Lemon to pierce his nipple. Lemon didn’t need much prodding, and began to unbutton his shirt before being talked out of it by Baldwin.

Finally, just after midnight, CNN appeared to cut Lemon’s mic just as he began talking about how much he disliked 2016.

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