Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pandora Launches Thumbprint Radio Service

Pandora Monday launched Thumbprint Radio calling it a hyper-personalized station for each listener.

Inspired by each listener's unique musical tastes, Thumbprint Radio is based on individual thumbing history and will continue to evolve with every new thumb on Pandora. With more than 60 billion pieces of thumb data, Pandora says music fans have let them know exactly what they love and every thumb has been crucial in crafting each individual station.

According to Pandora, this is not simply all of your thumbs up on shuffle. Thumbprint Radio takes each listener on their own musical journey, through the varied genres that they enjoy listening to on Pandora. Thumbed up songs across country, EDM and metal? Not a problem – Pandora’s musicologists have created an experience that will seamlessly guide listeners through the wide variety of their favorites, while weaving in new music discovery along the way.

“Thumbprint Radio is a collaboration between each listener and Pandora,” said Chris Phillips, Chief Product Officer at Pandora. “You shared with us what music you love via all your thumbs, and we heard you. We have combined all your favorites with music we know you’ll love to create a new station that reflects your unique musical thumbprint.”

From their first thumb to their last, listeners will be treated to a truly unique and personal experience inspired by every song they have ever loved – whether they thumbed it up two minutes or two years ago. Stations are endless and constantly evolving, based in real-time off of each listener’s engagement across Pandora. In other words, the more a listener thumbs, the better their station will get. Because these stations are based on thumbs, in order to ensure the best experience, listeners are able to get their own personal Thumbprint Radio station once they have three stations with at least four thumbs on each. Learn more about Thumbprint Radio here.

Pandora hopes that listeners will share their Thumbprint Radio stations to give others a glimpse into what makes them tick musically. Once stations have been shared, Pandora does the rest of the work – no need to continually pass along the latest version of your “Best of” playlist.

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