Monday, June 3, 2013

Oregon Radio: Veteran Ray Pietz Signs-Off Daily Show

Ray Pietz
Ray Pietz doesn’t see it as retirement. He likes to call it a sequestration.

“I’m actually just not providing some services anymore,” said Pietz, known across the mid-valley as Radio Ray.

Although he still will provide sports coverage, special features, commentary and production Pietz will stepped down from his 14-year stint on the Morning Update show at KGAL on May 31, ending  a 40-year run as an on-the-air personality, according to the Albany Democrat-Herald.

His career wasn’t exactly planned. After leaving the service Pietz, 67 headed west from his home in Buffalo, N.Y. to see California. It was supposed to be a visit.

“I had always meant to return,” Pietz said. “My car broke down in Texas and I had to get a job when I got to California to pay for it.”

While in San Francisco, Pietz heard an ad for the Ron Bailey School of Broadcasting. It seemed a better option than college and “a lot of philosophy courses”.

Pietz took to broadcasting immediately. After graduating he applied for a job in New Jersey hoping to go back home. Pietz gave himself the Radio Ray moniker and started working at KRSB.

In 1977 he was lured to Eugene where he worked for three different stations before moving to Corvallis and starting a 27-year career in the mid-valley with KLOO and eventually KGAL 1580 AM in Lebanon, OR.

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