Thursday, June 30, 2011

What’s Next After Glenn Beck's Last Show On FNC?

For two and a half years, millions of viewers have enjoyed watching Glenn Beck take on liberals, progressives and even radical leftists for the last two and a half years at 5pm on cable news. From the corruption at ACORN to the Czars to Van Jones, Beck exposed the left’s agenda and routinely flustered the White House in the process. But while Glenn may be counting down his final shows this week – he is also counting down to the beginning of something bigger and better: GBTV.

And what happens once Glenn goes off the air on cable today? He’s going to be going right to GBTV and giving his first interview to new GBTV correspondent, Raj Nair!

As soon as one door closes, the next door will open. At 6:30pm ET on Thursday, Raj will be asking Glenn your questions.

As for Fox:

On Friday at 5pm, Fox News will be running a John Stossel special entitled "What’s Great About America".

Beyond that, it is still unclear, but a Fox News spokesperson tells Mediaite “We will run encore presentations of Glenn Beck next week and will announce our plans shortly.”

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