Monday, June 27, 2011

Country-Rap Mash-Up Could Go #1

Kerry Wolfe, director of programming for Clear Channel Milwaukee and 106.1 WMIL-FM, calls Jason Aldean "the next big country music superstar."

He tells Duane Dudek at, that Aldean is a "polished version of Hank Williams Jr. And all his songs have a rock edge to them."

Aldean's latest song, "Dirt Road Anthem," "is one of the best researched records on the radio right now," Wolfe said.

Last week, "Dirt Road Anthem" was ranked No. 6 on the Billboard country charts, probably on its way to No. 1, writes Dudeck.

What's unusual about any of this?

"Dirt Road Anthem" is a mash-up of two genres that would seem to have little in common - country music and urban rap.

"When I first heard it I thought, 'Oh, this will generate some negative feedback.' Just because it had rap in it. But (the feedback) has been nothing but positive," Wolfe said.

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