Monday, June 27, 2011

LiLo's Dad Talks With Orlando Radio Show

Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael, opened up over the weekend about his co-dependency addiction, his upcoming appearance on “Celebrity Rehab 5 with Dr. Drew”, his daughter’s struggles with the law and drug addiction, and his work with children and families touched by drug abuse.

In an exclusive, in-depth interview with host Al Spry on 810 AM WEUS, Orlando,  Lohan claims that, although he is not a drug addict, he does suffer from the addiction of co-dependency. “I do have to resolve a lot of issues that I have with that.  So they asked me on the show and it turned out to be a blessing.” 

When discussing his addiction, Lohan said, “This is a disease. There is no cure for it, and you just learn to deal with it and live with it.”

Lohan also updated the show about his daughter, Lindsay. “She’s at home again, and she gets off home arrest on the 29th, and she’ll be heading back to New York here for her birthday on the 2nd.” 

When asked about her recent alcohol test failure, Lohan pulled no punches.  “Even though she’s my daughter, I will say this, if you’re in recovery, and I don’t care if you’re on home arrest or not, and if you’re allowed to drink alcohol but not use illegal drugs, you do not drink alcohol – bottom line.  You stay away from it.”

When asked if Lohan feels responsible for Lindsay’s current troubles, he commented, “Watch the show and you’ll see how much responsibility I do take.  All along I’ve said I’ll own up to my part. The time away from them and the decisions that I made surely hurt my kids.  It didn’t help them.”

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