Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Insights: 2019's Top 5 Most Popular Blog Posts

Westwood One blog post looks back at the stories that resonated the most with our readers in 2019. Here is a roundup of the top 5 most popular audio insights posts of the year in descending order:
This week’s

5. 7 Things Brands Have Completely Wrong About AM/FM Radio: Using data from research leaders Nielsen, Edison Research, and the Advertising Research Foundation, Westwood One disproved 7 of the biggest misconceptions brands held about AM/FM radio. The reality: AM/FM radio has massive reach, a dominating share of ad-supported audio and in-car listening, a huge Millennial audience, has remained stable since 2008 and should be included in media plans, even those targeting a younger demographic.

4.Westwood One And LeadsRx Debut First-Ever Direct-To-Consumer Media Attribution And Awareness Report: In April, Westwood One partnered with LeadsRx, a leading multi-touch attribution firm, to release a major media attribution and awareness report covering the direct-to-consumer retail category. Findings included what media mix matters, when it moves the mark, who pays attention, and more.

3. Westwood One And Audience Insights Inc.’s Podcast Download – Spring 2019 Report Highlights: Podcast Usage Habits, Advertiser Insights, Podcast Discovery, and More: Westwood One And Audience Insight Inc.’s Podcast Download – Spring 2019 Report examined the podcast consumption habits of 1,407 monthly podcast listeners and focused on four distinct segments based on when people began listening to podcasts. The study covered podcast usage habits, advertiser insights, podcast discovery, promotional trends, and the most popular content genres.

2. First-Ever Podcast Creative Test Gives Brands a Playbook to Drive Branding, Messaging, Reputation and Call to Action: In an industry first, in partnership with ABX, a creative testing service that evaluates every type of brand creative across all media, Westwood One conducted a creative test of five brands’ podcast ads, television ads, and online video ads. The findings showed that podcast ads were comparable to television or online video ads run for the same brands on clear branding measures.

1. Why Is P&G The Fastest Growing Advertiser On American AM/FM Radio?: In 2017, Procter & Gamble was the 39th ranked advertiser on AM/FM radio, according to Media Monitors. By 2018, they had made a substantial leap up to fifth place. P&G executive John Fix led P&G’s rediscovery of AM/FM radio as a solution for digital fraud and eroding TV audiences.

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