Monday, June 11, 2018

NYC Radio: WFAN's Mike Francesa Rules The Ratings Again

Mike Francesa ranked first for his first month back on WFAN 660 AM / 101.9 FM, finishing May with an average 6.8 percent share of the audience among men ages 25-54 from 3 to 6:30 p.m., the hours during which he is head-to-head against ESPN New York Radio’s Michael Kay.

According to Newsday citing data from Nielsen Audio released on Monday, Kay ranked fourth with a 5.5 share for the period April 26 to May 23.

Those figures were similar to what they were when the two last went head-to-head. In the autumn book last year, Francesa beat Kay, 6.6 to 5.0, before leaving the station on Dec. 15.

Francesa returned on May 1, so the first few days of the May period covered a time when his predecessors in afternoon drive time, Chris Carlin, Maggie Gray and Bart Scott, still were in that time slot.

In April, “CMB” and Kay tied at 4.9, ranking fifth overall in the market.

“I want to thank the most loyal listeners in all of radio,” Francesa said shortly after the May numbers came out. “I also want to thank the people I work with directly at the FAN. They have made my return very enjoyable.”

The NYPost notes Francesa is aided by having stronger listenership leading into his show from the trio he replaced — Chris Carlin, Maggie Gray and Bart Scott (CMB) — than Kay’s program receives from Stephen A. Smith’s national show. CMB had a 6.2 rating, which was higher than it had performed in the afternoon-drive slot.

Kay’s program does receive the added exposure of being on TV on YES, but those viewers do not help Kay in the radio ratings. In mid-mornings, when both FAN and ESPN are local, Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts finished fifth for the month at 4.6, while Rick DiPietro and Chris Canty’s show with Dave Rothenberg was ninth at 3.6. The ESPN show has the disadvantage of a national lead-in as compared to FAN’s local program. That said, ESPN Radio makes the decision to format its station in that fashion.

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