Monday, June 11, 2018

Bay Area Radio: KKSF 910 AM Brings Back Liberal Talk

iHeartMedia San Francisco today announced the launch of the progressive talk KKSF Real Talk 910 AM featuring forward-thinking political talk and opinions that embrace the values of social, economic and environmental justice, along with human rights, democracy and multiculturalism.

The station will feature a programming line-up lead by Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartman and Norman Goldman, along with popular consumer expert Clark Howard. The station will launch at 6 a.m. Tuesday (6/12).

In addition to a nationally-syndicated talk show line-up, Real Talk 910 will also introduce its millions of listeners to new podcast content, beginning with the iHeartRadio “Daily Dive” news podcast which will air weekdays at 5:40am, giving listeners a deeper insight to the news of the prior 24 hours. Additional podcast originated content will be added to weekend programming in the weeks to come.

“Hosts like Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartman, and Norman Goldman have a history in the market from a time that was nowhere near as politically charged as today’s environment,” said Don Parker, Senior Vice President of Programming for iHeartMedia San Francisco.

KKSF 910 AM (20 Kw-D, 5 Kw-N DA2)
“Given their alignment with the liberal-leaning make-up of The Bay Area, we believe they will resonate well with listeners. In addition, our forward-thinking programming approach will take advantage of being based in the tech capitol of the world with an ever increasing amount of podcast content featured as part of our weekly broadcast schedule,” Parker added.

“Real Talk 910 is a station where listeners will hear forward-thinking talk and can discover new favorite content. Because a segment of the content will originate from the podcast universe, what people discover on broadcast can be binge-listened on iHeartRadio,” said Kathryn Wilcox, President, iHeartMedia San Francisco Region. ”Broadcast radio has always been a top source for music discovery and now that applies to podcasts, too. It is a station built for the digital world recognizing that people find and consume content across multiple platforms.”
iHeartMedia San Francisco also named Cory Callewaert as the Program Director of Real Talk 910.

Prime Time Weekday Line-Up:
  • 6am-9am Stephanie Miller
  • 9am-Noon Thom Hartmann
  • Noon-3pm Clark Howard
  • 3pm-6pm Norman Goldman

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