Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Diversis Capital Completes Acquisition of Marketron

Marketron has announced that Diversis Capital has completed an acquisition of the company. With this new investment, Marketron will build on its history of leadership as a solutions provider for media companies with an expanded focus on its digital offerings as well as advanced advertising technologies including programmatic. Previous owner, BlackRock Capital, will remain involved with Marketron as an investor.

Michael Collins
Diversis has named marketing technology leader Michael Collins as the company's new CEO, replacing Jeff Haley. Haley has led Marketron since 2012 and will remain on the Board. Collins, formerly CEO of Adelphic, a DSP acquired by Time Inc. last year, brings years of relevant experience to the role. Prior to Adelphic, Collins founded and led Joule, WPP's global mobile advertising agency network.

"Marketron has been the undisputed leader in our space, delivering the software and services that enable our media clients to grow their businesses," says Collins. "The new investment from Diversis will allow us to rapidly evolve our product offerings and extend our leadership position."

Diversis' acquisition of Marketron comes as media companies face a crossroads and must transform to accommodate the new omni-channel environment. To help its clients meet this challenge, Marketron will further develop its digital and programmatic capabilities to increase revenue opportunities and expand the areas addressed by its existing revenue management products.

Marketron is an indispensable platform for its 7,000 radio and television partners, with a range of products to improve their bottom line in every realm from operations and finance to ad traffic and sales on-air and online.

"As a long-time partner, we are excited to see Marketron's commitment to growing new technologies as well as developing unique opportunities that are important for our company and the industry at large," said Beasley Media Group Chief Executive Officer Caroline Beasley.

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