Monday, July 17, 2017

Americans Feel Good About the Economy

Americans are on their way to feeling great again. But it’s got little to do with Donald Trump.

That’s the conclusion of a Bloomberg poll showing just 40 percent of Americans approve of the job he’s doing — despite the fact that they are feeling better about their own economic prospects.

While 58 percent said they’re moving closer to realizing their own career and financial aspirations, 55 percent view Trump unfavorably. That’s up 12 points since December.

Other key findings reveal that 61 percent of respondents say America is on the wrong path — up 12 points since December. And less than half approve of Trump’s performance on the economy.

The results are at odds with conventional political wisdom that says approval ratings are closely tied to how voters feel about their own financial wellbeing.

Don’t expect Trump to take the results to heart, of course, especially given his track record of confounding pollsters. He brushed off an ABC/Washington Post poll over the weekend showing his approval rating down at 36 percent. “Almost 40 percent is not bad at this time,” he tweeted.

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