Monday, April 10, 2017

St. Louis Radio: WIL's Bud & Broadway Fist Bump New Followers

The only live and local New Country morning show in St. Louis, Bud and Broadway from WIL 92.3 FM , are on a mission to meet 92,000 followers!

Seen fist bumping left to right: Bud Ford, local police captain, Captain Mac traffic, sidekick “Kelly from Arnold,” two firefighters and Jerry Broadway!

This is a shot from their Friday morning, 4/7, funny stop on their 92,000 Fist Bump Challenge Tour at a pancake house “across the river” in Granite City, Illinois.

The local, 23 strong, Junior High Jazz band played, cheerleaders, sports and academic stars, and community leaders along with hundreds of New Country followers had breakfast with “The Good Ol’ Boy Odd Couple!”

Even the fire and police department stopped by to play a round of “The Jokes on You;” a joke face off where the first person to laugh, loses! (The cop lost…we’ll just say the punchline was Pork Chop. Make up your own joke!)

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