Friday, April 14, 2017

Memphis Radio: WYDL-FM Inks Software Deal With Envision

Envision Networks has announced Flinn Broadcasting’s WYDL 100.3 FM in Memphis as the newest affiliate of influence FM radio management software.

A cloud-based CRM designed to streamline sales, traffic and production, this advanced product suite gives user’s complete control over every step of the sales process including asset management, spot creation and commercial production. With Rock 100 now using influence FM, it joins more than 700 affiliates on the Envision Services Network.  

Additionally, users can contact Envision Networks® to enhance the influence FM product suite with Presentation Builder, SmartRate, Paperless Production, Task Manager and WikiCopy. These five additional products are completely integrated and customized for affiliate use with Connect CRM. From cold call to completed commercial, the entire sales process is seamless. Stations interested in utilizing Connect CRM can sign up online at Connect CRM users will also gain FREE access to the WikiCopy library.

Connect CRM lets you track every stage of the sales process with its advanced customer relationship management system. It helps sales team organize their activities by tracking what they do and automatically sending reminders about expiring orders, scheduled appointments and new client leads. Mobile access allows sales teams to make appointments, take notes and track their progress on the go.

Presentation Builder lets users create superior sales presentations with just a few clicks. It comes pre-loaded with templates and content that’s completely radio-friendly and relevant to all radio advertisers. Sales teams also have the option to attach a contract, audio files, production orders or any other materials to the presentation. From start to finish, crafting a complete presentation takes just a few minutes and can help increase dollars and closing ratios.

SmartRate lets you quickly generate rates based on a variety of criteria including daypart, length of contract, frequency of commercial and more. This state-of-the-art tool also lets you easily generate ad sales agreements and automates the contract approval process.

For more information about influence FM product suite or to schedule a walkthrough, visit or contact Amber Wade at or 216-831-3761.

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