Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Allentown Radio: WLEV's 'Project Keep Warm' Helps Hundreds

Hundreds of A-B-E residents will be able to wait out the winter in warm coats thanks to Project Keep Warm and WLEV 100.7 FM.

Rooms and racks full of clothing ready to be given away to those in need. "We've seen so many families and children, primarily here in Allentown, that we've heard don't have jackets, can't afford jackets, can't afford winter gear," said Kevin Cope, CEO/Founder of Project Keep Warm. That is where Project Warm steps in.

Two years ago, Cope collected blankets. Now many local business have joined the effort to help collect items and they say the outpouring of support from the community has been overwhelming.

"To this day Project Keep Warm has expanded to two states, seven counties and I think today we've collected several thousand pieces of items as far as winter gear items," said Cope.

"We had a great turnout from our listeners," said WLEV radio personality, Josh Gears. "They were mailing coats to us. WLEV is the primary sponsor of the event and organizers said one month after making the plea for help, they're still getting items to be given away free of charge. 'It looks like a department store basically," said Scot Evans, as he looked at all the coats to be given away. "It's amazing what everyone has done."

Coats of all sizes and for everyone that braved the cold before finding that perfect fit. "It's pretty good because some people don't have enough money to get coats for their kids," added one woman.

"Especially if they have maybe five, six, seven kids. they don't really have that much money."

WLEV 100.7 FM (11 Kw) Red=60dBu Coverage Area
Organizers hope the event grows even larger next year. They say it will fulfill their mission statement which is to provide hope, meaning Helping Other People Everyday.

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