Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Miami Radio: WIOD Translator Forced To Sign-Off

A pair of signal interference are forcing some operators to rethink their strategic plans.

CCM+E's N/T WIOD 610 AM has lost is FM simulcast at 100.3 FM after it's trasnatlor was found to be interferring with full-power station WLML 100.3 FM Legends which is license to Lake Park, just up the road from the Miami metro.

WLML 100.3 FM (4Kw) 60dBu
Tom Turner NOW was first to report, Adult Standards WLML is owned by Dick Robinson, former owner of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

When the interference was first noted Reach Communication of Tarmac, FL, which leases the 100.3 FM translator to Clear Channel, reduced power output of W262AN from 198  to 138-watts.

But the interference continued.

The FCC rules are clear – if a translator’s causing interference to a full-power station, it must sign off or immediately fix the problem. So the translator was shut down.

In Pittsburgh, the University of Pitt says a low-power station planned on FM 92.3 in North Versailles Township will interfere with its WPTS 92.1 FM.

According to triblive.com, four East Suburban residents seeking FM 92.3 as Tri-Borough Communications said WPTS shouldn't get protection its attorney demanded from the Federal Communications Commission.

WPTS 92.1 FM (160watts) 60dBu
In its filing, Pitt attorney Cary S. Tepper quoted WPTS consulting engineer Laura Mizrahi who said Tri-Borough must treat FM 92.1 as a Class A FM rather than the Class D signal WPTS airs from atop the Cathedral of Learning.

“(Tri-Borough) protects WPTS with a distance separation of only 13.472 kilometers (8.37 miles) when a separation of 56 kilometers (34.8 miles) is required,” Tepper wrote.

“The only (low-power FM) non-waiver channel approved in the FCC's data base (for Pittsburgh) is 92.3,” Tri-Borough responded on Wednesday. “(Pitt's) campus radio station at 92.1 is a non-protected Class D 16-watt low-power station that is not listenable in the North Versailles (area).”

Tri-Borough noted that WPTS shares its frequency with Keymarket's WKPL-92.1, 50 miles away in Ellwood City.

WKPL 92.1 FM (2.5Kw) 60dBu Coverage
Tri-Borough seeks FM 92.3 under FCC rules allowing nonprofits to run non-commercial stations.

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