Thursday, February 6, 2014

Nashville Radio: Someone Wants Bobby Bones To Go Away

Bobby Bones has had quite a week already and now he finds out someone in Nashville really wants him to “go away,” accoridng to

Last week, Bobby Bones announced via Twitter that he might be leaving radio to pursue another job offer. Just a day later, the host of The Bobby Bones Show returned to Twitter to let fans know he was staying put after all.

And now Bobby Bones’ Twitter lit up with discussion over billboards going up in Nashville that say, “Go away Bobby Bones.”

The morning show host sent his trusty sidekick Lunchbox out to the scene to investigate a caller’s claims that the billboards were showing up alongside Highway 24 in Nashville. Sure enough, Lunchbox reported from the scene that the billboards were real.

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  1. Sorry I have never heard of him or listened to him but I personally think someone who don`t know the difference between a highway and interstate should go away.

  2. I had a conversation with some very well known radio people one night a year ago at CRS before Bobby came to town and they were not happy. The main comment was, "he is taking alot of radio jobs."