Monday, March 25, 2019

Key Networks To Launch Bill O'Reilly Program

Key Networks announces that it will syndicate a new 15-minute daily radio program, “The O’Reilly Update”, starring former cable news personality and bestselling author Bill O’Reilly.

“The O’Reilly Update” cuts through the anonymous sources and phony stories dominating today’s news cycle and brings O’Reilly’s trademark “no spin” analysis to listeners across the U.S. in a high-impact format made for appointment listening. “The O’Reilly Update” marks a return to broadcast radio for O’Reilly, who hosted the nationally syndicated show, “The Radio Factor”, from 2002-2009.

Bill O'Reilly
Key Networks delivers “The O’Reilly Update” to stations of all formats and market sizes every weekday beginning at 11:30am EST. All advertising is included, with no additional barter units and 2 minutes of local avails in the feature.

Bill O’Reilly said: “More than ever before, Americans need accurate information and honest news analysis in order to make intelligent decisions. It is all about protecting yourself and your family. The daily O’Reilly Update will arm you with facts, and provide opinion based on those facts. Can’t wait to get started.”

Rob Koblasz, Chief Executive Officer, Key Networks, said: “Americans need straight talk now more than ever before. We are excited to make this 15-minute daily program available to radio stations across the U.S. The O’Reilly Update is tune-in listening at its best.”

Dennis Green, Chief Revenue Officer, Key Networks, said: “On the Mount Rushmore of spoken word talent you must include Bill O’Reilly. It’s an honor to bring Bill back to radio to deliver appointment listening and revenue opportunities for affiliate stations in a unique format. Attention stations: this program will provide the key (network) to your success!”

“The O’Reilly Update” will debut on Monday, April 29, 2019. Click Here for the Demo.

For more information and to get “The O’Reilly Update” on your station, contact Dennis Green, Chief Revenue Officer, Key Networks, at 844.KEY.NETS or

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  1. Wondering if Bill O'reilly's new broadcast is on any St. Louis radio station(s).