Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Tech Workers Want CEOs To Drop Contracts

In what could be a case of 'be careful what you wish for', technology companies are facing a new crisis as their employees press executives to rethink their work with the Trump administration and in many cases drop lucrative federal contracts.

According to The Hill, the controversy comes amid heated national debates on immigration, law enforcement and surveillance -- issues on which Silicon Valley's workforce wants the industry to take a stand.

In the past month, workers at Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Salesforce have organized and written letters calling on CEOs to cancel or review contracts with government agencies whose work the employees say raises ethical questions.

The groundswell of opposition to many industry practices and projects is forcing executives to revisit their work, a marked shift in how they operate.

There were rumblings before: IBM workers organized against their CEO Ginni Rometty being a member of Trump's advisory board. Recent actions are among the most serious though. Workers are demanding that corporations drop lucrative government contracts that could lead to even more lucrative contracts, and in the case of Google's Project Maven contract with the Pentagon, they're winning.

Tom's Take: "No contract, no work" who doesn't understand?

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