Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Nielsen: Among Millennials, Traditional TV Outdraws Digital

Although new digital media continues to grow among young audiences, traditional ad-supported TV content dominates all new platforms -- even in the summer, reports MediaPost.

On average, in any given minute, the ad-supported multi-screen TV 18-34 audience is six times larger than Facebook and over two times larger than YouTube in the summer months, according to the Video Advertising Bureau, the video advertising trade group.

For example in July 2017, all traditional ad-supported TV and their online digital platforms pulled in an average minute audience for those 18-34 viewers of 5.9 million. At the same time, YouTube was at 2.7 million; Facebook, 1.1 million; Instagram, 641,000; SnapChat, 506,000; and Twitter 79,000.

When looking at the broader TV viewership -- all viewers 18 years and older -- the differences are greater. Traditional ad-supported TV and their online digital platforms pulled in 40.3 million viewers when looking at average minute audience; YouTube was at 5.4 million; Facebook, 3.5 million; Instagram, 781,000; SnapChat, 565,000; and Twitter, 141,000.

The analysis comes from Nielsen Npower Time Period Report of 18-34 viewers for live program plus seven days of time-shifting.

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