Thursday, July 5, 2018

ABC Admits Media Peddled ‘Fake News’ On Immigration

The Media Research Center is reporting ABC openly admitted this past Sunday to having published “fake news” about the Trump administration “losing” 1,500 migrant children, a debunked story that quickly caught fire and spawned countless hashtag campaigns and anti-ICE protests across the country.

Now, according to MRC,  well after the myth has been permanently ensconced as fact in the brains of millions of rapid anti-Trumpers nationwide, ABC's admitting the entire thing was false – but, in a stunning feat of mental gymnastics, they claim the bogus story ended up being a good thing.

In an article actually entitled, “A fake news story helps expose a real crisis,” author Lauren Pearle admits the Trump administration was unfairly accused of having “lost” 1,500 kids who’d crossed the southwest U.S. border illegally – a claim I’d disputed in a video roughly four weeks ago, only to be accused of Nazism by radical progressives.

But by ABC’s own admission, the administration didn’t “lose” anyone; they’d simply placed these kids with sponsors, usually a family member, who didn’t respond when the government tried to check up on the child.

The network suggests the “fake news” ended up being a great thing because it blew the lid off the Trump administration’s family separation policy. Here's an actual excerpt from ABC's piece:
“But all the digging had uncovered a separate issue that had also been reported, but had not yet captured the nation’s full attention: the Trump administration’s practice of separating migrant children from their parents at the southern border, which accelerated under the ‘zero-tolerance’ policy announced in April. 
“...That outcry, which reached a fever pitch in recent weeks, took months to unfold. And it largely began with a search for children who probably weren’t missing after all."

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